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Universal Design with LS 990 in Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours

The important architect Le Corbusier was certain that “Mankind needs colour to live”. People’s ability to see changes with age, however, along with their perception of colour. The age-related blurring of the eye lens leads to the environment often being perceived as lacking in contrast and matt. An increased sensitivity to exposure also causes irritation when viewing shiny surfaces. To counteract these limitations, care and nursing homes for the elderly rely more and more on a system of colours that addresses this problem in the design of their wards and rooms. This makes it important to deploy contrasting colours with various saturation levels and different lighter shades. This way proven measures improve orientation and perception of space and the people feel more comfortable in their environment.

What is important for such a colour system is that it is consistently deployed. That is why, as well as the walls, floors and furniture, electrical installations also need to be included in the system – and this, in turn, can also support the allocation of functions. The Jung LS 990 switch range in the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours is thus ideal for realising this. What makes this colour system such a welcome prospect is not just the 63 shades that can be combined in any number of ways, it is in the number of strong shades that it includes. These can be used in powerful contrast to the colours of the walls to make each control unit easily visible. A further advantage of the LS 990 Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier components is in their matt surfaces. This is achieved with a special paint that also supports good visibility, as any light that falls on it is not reflected in a way that dazzles. As well as the Jung LS 990 range, wall paints, wallpapers and carpeting are also available on the market in the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours. This makes it possible to realise the consistent implementation of a harmonious colour system in all rooms.

Lightness coefficients

In compliance with the DIN 32975 for the “designing visual information in the public area for accessible use”, particular contrast values have to be taken into account. In order to work these out appropriately in the planning of specific projects, the lightness coefficients of the individual colour shades are required for the desired colour combination. The lightness coefficients for the 63 Les Couleurs® colours are put together in an overview. These are ready to download at www.jung.de/les-couleurs. This way the colour selection of the Jung components can be ideally harmonised with the wall colours in the planning of a project.