Sewi Modbus elegant indoor sensors

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Đặc điểm

Design and reliability are equally important

An indoor climate sensor must be elegant, regardless of whether it is used in the bedroom or office. The new sensors Sewi for Modbus have an understated, harmonious design that looks equally good on the wall as well as on the ceiling.

The model Sewi TH Modbus measures the ambient temperature and humidity and calculates the dewpoint temperature. The model Sewi AQS/TH Modbus also measures the room’s CO2 content. This way, all the necessary data are available for an optimum climate and air quality control and for monitoring of the dewpoint using the Modbus system.

Both devices are Modbus slaves, which are addressed by a Modbus master via an RS485 interface with RTU protocol. The slaves provide current measurement values for the Modbus master.

Kỹ thuật

Kỹ thuật

Housing Plastic
Colour White (Cover glossy, skirting matt)
Installation Surface, wall or ceiling installation
Protection category IP 30
Dimensions Ø ca. 105 mm, height ca. 32 mm
Total weight ca. 80-100 g
Ambient humidity max. 95% RH, avoid condensation
Operating voltage KNX bus voltage
Bus current max. 10 mA
Data output KNX +/- bus plug-in terminal
Communication object Sewi KNX T: 237
Sewi KNX TH: 291
Sewi KNX AQS: 210
Sewi KNX L: 189
Sewi KNX L-Pr: 230
Sewi KNX AQS/TH-D: 363
Sewi KNX TH L-Pr: 377
Sewi KNX AQS/TH-D L-Pr: 449

Specifications of the individual sensors:

CO2 sensor

Sewi KNX AQS, Sewi KNX AQSTH-D, Sewi KNX AQSTH-D L-Pr measuring range 0…2000 ppm

Temperature sensor

Sewi KNX AQSTH-D measuring range -25°C…+55°C
Sewi KNX AQSTHD L-Pr measuring range -20°C…+55°C
Sewi KNX TH L-Pr measuring range -20°C…+60°C
Sewi KNX TH, Sewi KNX T measuring range -25°C…+80°C

Humidity sensor

Sewi KNX TH, Sewi KNX TH L-Pr measuring range 0%…100% rH
Sewi AQS L-Pr, Sewi AQSTH-D measuring range 0%…95% rH

Pressure sensor

Sewi AQSTH-D, Sewi AQSTH-D L-Pr measuring range 300…1100 mbar

Brightness sensor

Sewi KNX L, Sewi KNX L-Pr, Sewi KNX TH L-Pr, Sewi KNX AQSTH-D L-Pr measuring range 0…150,000 Lux

Motion sensor

Sewi KNX L-Pr, Sewi KNX TH L-Pr, Sewi KNX AQSTH-D L-Pr coverage angle ca. 100° × 82°
range ca. 5 m
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