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Đặc điểm

Đặc điểm

EIBPORT has integrated a whole range of automation functions. By being based on software, these can be used without any problems in large numbers. Many of the functions, which normally have to be planned in the plant in the form of a series of actuators, can be easily programmed into the EIBPORT. In addition, the system is also equipped for future requirements. This saves costs and increases flexibility. The following services (called “Jobs”) are available:
Receive & Send Date
Receive & Send Time
Text (EIS 15) Multiplexer
Send Email
Pulse Counter (For KNX and S0)
Week Timer
Year Timer
Light Scene
Logic (AND, OR, XOR, Objekt, NAND, NOR, NXOR, NObject)
Logic Threshold Unit
SMS Sender & Receiver (for devices with GSM-module)
Status Notification
Staircase Lighting Function
Delay Unit
Cyclic Sender
By means of virtual group addresses (a special KNX address range which is only processed within the EIBPORT), the jobs can be linked in any form. Due to the variety of the jobs, it is possible to even automate unusual functions and to integrate numerous applications into these intelligent algorithms.


By means of free software updates, the EIBPORT is always kept up to date and provided with new functions. The next milestone will be a web-based graphical editor for the automation function which will introduce a new era. Some highlights of the new editor, called “Logic Editor”, are:

Clear, graphical presentation of all links
Easy drag&drop configuration
New, innovative job types
Individual grouping options for a better overview
Configuration without influencing the ongoing operation
Extensive simulation options with time step and time lapse functionality
Intelligent search (also for group addresses)
Import and export of job groups
Web-based and platform-independent

Kỹ thuật

Kỹ thuật

Integrated visualization, interface for all kinds of terminal equipment
Integrated services
weekly and annual timer, special day/ holiday timer
Astro clock (simple and complex )
staircase functionality, sending of time signal
Logical functions, delayer, level switch
light scenes, comparator, hysteresis, multiplexer
E-Mail, WAP-service, SMS via E-Mail
Visualization editor derived from graphical editing programms
camera linking, processing of error messages
RS.232 connection
gesture control
Dialogue pages
encoded user authentification
inclusion and handling of IP-network cameras
connection to NTP-Server
Multimedia-connections, RSS Feeds
data logging in SQL-database(s)
ETS-remote programming
KNXnet/IP Server
Http-Request with response interpretation by regular terms
Mathematics module
Sonos UPnP
Control of occupancy plans
Ajax visualization
address transfer from ETS
installation coupling
Busmonitor and data recording
Adress table with actual state
no limitation for number of data points
buffering of 500.000 telegrams
multiuser visualization without additional licence fees
AddWare for data analysis, consumption analysis is available
REG housing
Connectors: DC-IN (10-30 V), KNX, RJ-45 (Ethernet)
X86 600 Mhz CPU, 256MB RAM, 4GB Flash
Power consumption < 5 W

EnOcean: input objects : 128
unlimited number of output objects